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July 23, 2018


Good morning from Still Water,


We are in the monsoon season here. A lot of rain. There are many rain storm lining up to come to our area. Japan, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia takes a lot strong one before us But Thailand and Burma are between two oceans. We have Pacific and South China sea east of Us and we have Indian ocean and sea of Bengal in the west of us. The west brings us cyclone and the east bring Typhoon. This cause a lot of rain. The rain brings lives to the nature and also disaster and sickness.


Churches in the hills of Naga tribes are facing with landslide. When it rain the bamboo forest is the good place for mosquitoes’ reproduction. There are two kinds of deadly disease that come with the mosquito. One is Dingy Fever and the other is Malaria. So far none of our kids get sick from these two types of disease. But we have many kids in Myitkyina House of Hope who get skin infection from the bites of the small gnats. Joseph Gwa the director and dorm parent of Myitkyina House of Hope got bad infection on his left shin. The infection causes high fever and bad pain. His shin infection is better but now he has coughing problem and high fever. He has not been able to get up from bed for about two weeks now. He will go to see the doctor tonight. His coughing gave him belly and chest muscle pain. Please keep him and the kids and all the evangelist in Hills Naga Tribe in your prayers.


Praise the Lord that our dear sister Sang Bu is getting better. She had her left breast taken off and had five radiation treatments on her back, and two chemo therapy already. Leah and I have been helping her as much as we can. We pray for her and help her for making contacts with doctors. Her husband is a good friend of Joseph Gwa and Ahtapa. They live in Myitkyina. Sang Bu has breast cancer and it is very rare kind of cancer. She is scheduled to have six chemo therapy. 

four more to go.


Ahtapa and Leah Sinlee