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Dear Brothers and Sisters,


July is here and the real monsoon season finally comes to Thailand.   The trees around here all look green now after a long time of water shortage in the whole of Thailand.  Several farmers lost their trees. Over 80,000 farmers in Thailand are affected by the drought last year.  While we dealt with drought in Thailand, China and Myanmar had to face floods and landslide activity on a large scale.  The world has these strange things happen.  We thank God who keeps us safe and productive.  This reminds me of the prophet Habakkuk 3:18: I will exult the Lord, I will rejoice in the Lord of Salvation.  19 The Lord God is my strength, and He had made my feet like hinds feet, and makes me walk on my high places.

It was a real joy for me to see those who lost their crops, lost their livestock, lost their houses, lost their family members but rejoices in the Lord and still have high hope in the Lord.  I would like to thank IDES and Northmen ministry for helping those who are faced with natural disaster.  They were very grateful for the help that they received in their time of hardship. With the IIDES grant the help reached over 500 houses in the whole of two main districts that were hit by long lasting rain and then big land slide. The refugee community in Tanai was also hit by a storm. Houses were blown off.  Rice, cooking oil, Bibles and hymnals were given to these people.

At Still Water we had about ten days of special learning time with the teachers from Dallas. The team taught guitar lessons to the kids.  Ahta, Abbe, Yona, Cream, Abmi and Mai learned how to play guitar and are now praising God with their instruments.  Jairus Withrow a young musician came with the other musicians Sam Clark, Jonathan Brooks and Andy Smith.  They each helped the kids closely, These teachers were very, very happy with their students who were eager to learn.  The rest of the team helped organize the learning center and the store-room to put things where they belong.  They made things look good.  The kids are happy to learn some new games with them and taught some of our games to them. We enjoyed the field trips together to Lisu villages,   Ban Pamai and Ban Khunkhong villages.  The villages gave us very good hospitality.  They fed us with good Lisu meals.  Two weeks with this group from Texas flew by very fast.

Sam and Hanna are back from China, Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee  are very happy that their daughter and son in-law could  come to be with them in their hardest time of life.  Their son Lin Chang got sick and passed on in the third week of June.   Churches came to visit them and encouraged them.  People came like it was a convention.  Several thousand people came.  Lin Chang was a good servant heart man.  He served well in the Church and outside the Church.  He is missed by many.  We mourned with the family.  Sam and Hanna spent one month in China to comfort their parents.

We are mourning for the family of Dehusa Mache.  Brother Dehusa was a professor at Maymio Bible Institute where my classmates Khamui, Khamluirn James and R. James are teaching. He was also a translator.  He was a member of the Lisu Bible Translation Association in Myanmar.  He was also an evangelist.  He was also a director and dorm parent of an orphanage    Maymio.  He was very busy until he was hospitalized and went to be with the Lord.  It is an honor for me to call him brother.   We worked closely for many years.  Leah and I will miss him.

We thank God that the House of Hope ministry is reaching to many kids in three most important parts of Myanmar.  Myitkyina the capital city of Kachin State where the civil war has going on for many years.  The war causes division for the nation and causes separation for families.  There are so many disadvantaged children; there are orphans   (parents died from the war); there are children who lost home and village to go back to. Joseph Gwa and House of Hope in Hseepaw was also started for children in the mountainous area where their lives are in danger from war and human trafficking.   House of Hope Tachueelek is right in the heart of the Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Southwest China come together.  The name came from the business that was being done in the area.   Drugs, gambling, black marketing (including human trafficking)


House of HopeMinistry provides growth in two areas.


1. Spiritual growth .  Kids come from a hard life.  Broken hearts and spiritual


starvation run rampant.  But when they come to a House of Hope they


receive the living Word and the living water. They develop a joyful spirit with


the living hope in Christ.  Every day they start their day with God’s Word and


spiritual songs.  They end their day with the Word of God and praises.


2. Physical growth and academic growth


Every day the children have full stomachs with healthy food.  They did not 


have enough food where they came from.  The children had malnutrition


where they came from.  They eat a lot and the quantity is replaced by the




Academically, this year we have a young girl who passed the entrance test


In our testing program.  normally students will have to take many tests


Before they could pass, but Anyi Sa passed on the first test.  Her father died


when she was young.  She came to us when she was in the fifth grade.  She


spent about seven years with us now.  She wants to be a doctor.  We pray

and hope that we will be able to help her accomplish her goal.  She looks

back in her life and gives thanks to God and to the House of Hope.  She was


hopeless in poverty and lacking a mother to take care of her.   But with the

the House of Hope she has started a new life.  She has high hopes in the


Lord and hope for a better future.  She is now 18 years old.   Funds will be


Needed for her medical training.




(from  Mike)

This paper was due earlier this month but we have encountered several problems in trying to get it to you.  This note is inserted on July 28.

We had intended to place a picture of the young lady mentioned above but our equipment just will not handle the picture sent to us from Thailand.   The situation there right now is very trying.

We have mentioned that Ben is critically ill and there is not much change.  He is presently without pain and his fever is down.  This information is as of July 27 and an e-mail from Ahtapa.

Some funds have come in.  Enough to cover the bills from the first hospital Ben was in Changmai.  Other bills will be coming so we ask you again to consider helping if you can.   Remember the family in your prayers.  Special needs are Ben and his illness and then remember Leah is dealing with hepatitis.     Mike




Ahtapa continued:  Leah and I will make a trip to Phetchabun, Leah’s home village, tomorrow morning.  Still Water kids will have three days of school break.  Leah’s nephew Hu passed on to be with the Lord. The family needs us there at their time of sorrow.  We will be gone for a few days.  Please keep un in your prayers.  Sam and Hanna will be helping Ahsama and Mai take care of the kids which we are gone.

Charity Weeden arrived back from a short trip to the USA last night. Charity is helping with the older kids who are using the School of Tomorrow books.  They are learning.  Three boys, who are new in the system, are hard working students and very teachable young men.

Prayer requests

1. Our health.  Leah is taking medicine for hepatitis virus b.  I am taking medicine for diabetes and blood pressure.  Our son Ben is dealing with critical issues due to hepatitis.  He is in the hospital locally, soon to be moved to  bigger hospital with more equipment.

2. Pray for funds to help us pay off hospital bills.

3. Pray for our evangelists in Nagaland.  Their need for medicine and food is great.  They live very far from the hospital and from the store where they can get supplies.  Three days walk.

4. Pray for Evangelists in China as they are reaching into new areas where Animists are turning to Christ.  They need wisdom and strength to deal with oppression.

5. Pray for the children and the need for food and supplies for every month.  Pray that their needs will be met.

Thanks again for your prayers and your support.  Thanks for your partnership in the ministry

In Christ.   Ahtapa and Leah


(From Mike) 


Dear readers, 

I will interject this note directed to each of you.  Ahtapa and Leah need your constant prayer every day.  There are difficulties and hardships to bear.  Two areas of needed help financially  have been mentioned.

1. Bills totaling $2200 and more are before them as to Ben’s illness.

2. The need for finances for Ah nyi sa Na.  I have no figures for her total education but based on past experience is providing to older students advanced education I would estimate that $400 a month could be needed.

If you can help with either or both of those projects (you or your group) checks should be made out to the Church of Christ at Spencer, 4738 Kniss Rd SE, Kalkaska, MI, 49646.  all gifts are receipted annually.  Any questions about the projects can be direct to me at the phone number, E-mail, or regular mail as found on the heading of this letter.

We cannot overemphasize prayer and right now many prayers are needed.  Please pray daily for the above mentioned needs and for the work in general.  Thanks,   In Him,    Mike