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Dear Friends and supporters,                                         Nov. 30, 2012


November is a busy month for us but full with joy. The brothers and sister from USA arrived safely. From Michigan we have Brett Southworth, Luke Anderson, Shane Johnson, and Janice Saxton. From Texas we have Pat Brooks. From New York we have Bethany Brooks. From Cambodia we have Sokhom Hun, Sriang Nang, and Doctor Tola. From Burma we have Joseph and Ahnyi Gwa, and Jay Ahti. They all have been a real blessing to us.  We have put them on the run all the time.

They went with us to villages for encouraging and praying for Christian brothers and villagers who need help.  There is an old lady that had stroke. The relative did not know what was wrong with her. They called us and we went over and prayed for her. It was good that we had Doctor Tola with us and asked me to go get the blood pressure machine. I had to go to the local community hospital and woke the nurse up and got the machine for doctor Tola. He checked on the old lady and he said that we had to take her to the hospital in town. We hurried down and found that the hospital did not have the equipment to help her. They put her in the hospital ambulance and carry her down to the main hospital in town. I came home with three girls that help take care of the old lady. I am proud of them, they were very good servants for Jesus. They were willing to help and going for second mile.  We arrived home very late at night and we were tired. I was called from the relative of the lady that was not accepted by the main hospital. We were sad that she was not accepted. God knew the best and she has the best hope in him.  I got up at 3.30 am to take Pat and the team to catch the early flight to Cambodia. It was good to have Fai with me to keep me awake all the way home.

Nick and Ahlemi took the team to the Lisu village to pray with the old lady and then went up to his in-law village. They got 10 bags of rice to take back to the hospital. They boys were busy preparing the tent at the Northmen grounds. I had to go back to the airport to pick up the team from Burma. Thanks to Janice and Leah for going with me and kept me awake.  On the way back from town, Joseph Gwa’s wife Ahnyi got very sick. We stopped at the clinic in Maerim for the check up. She got the shot and got some medicine. She has been better now. We prayed for her this morning right after our morning devotions.

We will start our Northmen gathering today at four. The boys are preparing to have a mini-concert.  They are working hard and excited about this gathering.  We have some new students who will be first time in this gathering. The girls are also joining in the concert night.  Then after the concert the girls will come home. They will have their own gathering and have Janice share the words of God with them.

We are very thankful to God for the Northmen team and for all the guests that brought us joy. We thank God for the rain that cool us down and make all the trees refreshing. We do not have to worry for them at least for a week. We are thankful to God for the light at the Still Water. WE GOT THE LIGHT (electricity was finally run into the property). We also thank God for the new water tank and the New Pump provided By LESLIE DENNIS and his wife.  They are generous people from London. Thanks to Remy Weihman and Jay and Andrea Bransfords. Thanks to Milo, the chocolate cement man that put hard labor to finish the water tank. The water tanks look beautiful and strong.

God is so good to us and we are thankful to each one of you who pray for us and partner with us in the Lord’s ministry.

In Christ,

Ahtapa Sinlee

had good concert, Nick gave very good message.