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Spreading the Gospel in Southeast Asia

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Asian Gospel Outreach

Sinlee's outreach in Thailand and beyond                           

4738 Kniss Rd

Kalkaska, MI,  49646                                                                                 Editor,  Mike Steere



Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


Thanks to the almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us and resurrected and now

reigns from heaven above.  In Him and through His grace we are alive and moving.  Leah and I 

along with our coworkers in the field are deeply grateful to all you faithful supporters for your 

love for us and for the work that we are doing.


The month of September has been a hard month for us with many people getting sick here and 

in Myanmar.  Many kids at the House of Hope were sick and were taken to the hospital.  The 

Naga boy Shipi, who had a broken arm, is now healing He missed school for a while.  Other 

kids were sick with fever and cold.  Thank God nobody was sick with deadly malaria.  At this 

time as I write Brother Joseph Gwa is meeting with leaders from Mokoki Church.  There are 

about 125 house holds of people who moved away from 8 mile village. GuiI thu, and Myitsong, 

camp area due to war and military action.  The leaders were there to ask Asian Gospel 

Outreach to help them with clothes.  Rain and cold weather gave real hard time to these poor 

people.  With modern technology that God provides we were able to communicate with our 

brother in the field and get the news out.  Brother Gwa contacted his former classmate that 

went to Bible School Myikina and now serves in China. Joshua said that he had a truck load of 

clothes sitting at his place and he was looking for people who needed them.  The need of the 

brothers in Myanmar just met like that.  Thanks to God who provides.  These brothers and 

sisters are not only lacking warm clothing, they need warm hearts and warm spirit.  They asked 

brother Gwa to come and teach them for three years.


The new building at Myitkina House of Hope is done with the help of many people.  Joseph led 

the boys to do whatever they could in getting material and building and they hired the expert 

builders for the things they could not do.  All the kids will finally be in the same compound.


Please pray for the Church at Shew Jae.  The government gave them the order that they could 

not build the church building.  This body of Christ has grown in numbers and they decided to 

expand the building and the order came after they started the work.  As for now they have the 

permits from 8 offices and wait for one more.  Then they will gather all the documents and send 

to the higher authorities.  Please keep our brothers in prayer.  This is one form of persecution in 



Brother Lale had received treatment from the Hospital of Mandalay.  He received medicine for 

two months.  He was appointed to come back and check again.  Thanks to the Lord we were 

able to help this evangelist for his trip to the hospital in Mandalay.  It took him several days on a 

steep mountain trail to Myitkina and then one night and a half day train ride to Mandalay.  The 

brother was very grateful for the trip and treatment possible for him.


Please pray for me and Leah.  We are teachers, we are gardeners, and we are parents of the 

Kids.  We have 27 children under our care here at Still Water.  It is a real joy to serve the Lord 

with the Kids.  We are blessed in serving them.  Each kid has their struggles and God put them 

here for us to love.  We watched many kids Grow up and move on and once in a while we came 

to the time when more kids move on.  Some made poor choices.  As parents we are to love and 

pray that they learn from the life lessons.  Miriya and Samale have been with us for many years 

and we loved them dearly.  We saw their good days and bad days and finally when they made a 

decision to move we blessed them with our watering eyes.  Ahsama is celebrating her 

completion with the nursery school today.  We are proud of her.  She has been helping with the 

little kids. Teaching Sunday school, daily evening classes and Wednesday night classes as well 

as teaching on trips to the villages.  Please continue to pray as she continues to grow in the 

Lord.  Mai Alisa Lachee is now studying in her first semester at Raja patUniversity.  Her major i

English Business.  She is helping with the work and doing self study during the weekends and 

go to school the end of the week.  So we are arranging a special Bible study time and fellowship 

time with her.  She has to study for four years.  She said "I want to be a teacher and help Asian 

Gospel Outreach ministry.


Every Wednesday evening we will go out together to the village to conduct the Children's 

ministry and the Bible study with the adults.  We had a great trip to Mae Auw.  We look forward 

to go there again.  Thanks to all friends an supporters for sending your help for Paul's education 

funds.  As for now Paul has not been able to get into the college.  His test with toefl  did not 

reach the requirements of the college and Paul could not get a 1-20 form that enables him to 

change visa status. So, as for now, we decide that he should return home and He will seek 

God's direction for his further education and further service of the Lord.  His is now with Bob 

and Janice Saxton in Kalkaska, MI.  (Mike :   He returns to Thailand Oct 12)

All the funds sent were not used and were saved for his educationWe respect your generosity 

and yourlove and we will use these funds according to the goal.  We will keep you posted about 

Paul's trip home.  Thanks to you individuals for sending funds for Paul's medication.  He had an 

ear infection.  He went to see the doctor twice while he was in Christopher and Mazie.


Please pray for Christopher and Mazie as they are growing together in their covenantal 

partnership. There goal is only to serve the Lord.  They helped Paul all they could for English 

and preparation for School.  They all help with food and housing.  Now they will miss Paul as 

He comes back to Thailand.  We are looking forward to seeing them back with us.  Please pray 

that God will provide all the strength and funds they need.


Thanks again for your love and support,


In Christ.  Ahtapa and Leah and the family


From Bob Saxton


Thanks to you all who are helping to support Paul in his endeavor to go to College in the U.S.. 

Things did not work out as we had hoped. Paul could not pass the English comprehension part 

of the entrance test so his going back to Thailand to work some more on his English.  The 

monies you sent for him are in a special account under his name until he either returns for 

school here or stays in Thailand for some training. 


You may ask for your money back and we will send it to you or your may leave it in the account 

for his further education.  If you so desire you can just tell us to put it in the general fund for 

Asian Gospel Outreach and it will be used accordingly.


Thank you for your support whether in funds or prayer.  We will try to keep you in touch as to 

how things are progressing with Paul.      

In Christ,

Bob Saxton

Some Notes:


We continue to work on our mailing address list.   This is a costly item and we would like to 

send our news to as many readers as possible via e - mail.   If you are not getting the paper by 

e mail and have the service would you please send us your e mail address so we can send it 

that way.  If you are already getting it by e mail we would like to hear from you so can confirm 

that the letter is coming to you.  At present we have about 1/3 of our mailing list on e mail.   We 

have tried some addresses and find that you apparently have a blocker of some sort.   Be sure 

you set your e mail so mail from us will get to you.  


As we are able and receive material from Ahtapa and Chris we will endeavor to keep you post 

via this letter each quarter.   


Saxton's or Steere's are willing to come and represent the work of Asian Gospel Outreach to 

you.  Contact us if such a report or presentation would be desired.   We can bring pictures and 

keep you updated on what is happening.


Prayer needs:


The brethren in northern Myanmar suffering from war conditions.   Keep the evangelists in your 

prayers as they labor under duress.


Chris and Mazie as they work in Moberly and that area.  Mazie is coaching at the college and 

Chris is working to set aside funds needed to evangelize in Thailand.


All twenty seven kids but particularly the older ones who face new dilemmas and challenges 



Ahtapa & Leah in their various positions and labors.   Particularly their evangelistic outreach.


Paul and direction for him as he seeks the Lord's leading.  


Remember there is a web site with info.     Asian Gospel Outreach.www


Our e mail:     mdsteere38@gmail .com           This is new.