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Dear brothers and sisters;                                              May 12, 2012


Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We pray that everything is going well with you. Leah and I are doing fine and stay busy with the work over here at our place and the works in other places are going well also. There are some difficulties in Northern Myanmar and bordering Cities of China with more and more refugees as the conflict still going on.


We are thankful to all the brothers and sisters and the leaders of the Forest Park Christian Church for sending special help for the refugees for $1900.00.


The kids will be back to start school today. The little ones will go back to Buank mu school. The older ones or those who start school late will be in Sot and some will be in non-formal education.  We have two young men from Ngochang Christian Church joining with our school.

Fai's parents will come and help as dorm parents. That is a big help for me and Leah. Fai's mother can cook and help Leah in taking care of the kids. Fai's father Mr. Sang can teach . He has a good understanding of the Bible. He can also do some farm work.

Priew got sick with TB and spent several days for testing. She will be treated for six months. We need to build a hut for her to isolate her from others. We got a medical yellow card for her which will help her get free medication. We paid 820 baht yesterday. Her card will be active after the 28th of this month. Too much is going on in her life. Please pray for her.


Miriya will be home on May 17th. Her school will start again toward the end of the month. Her internship went very well. She went to two hospitals. One was in Chiang Rai down town and the other one was in Chiang Khong, which is the bordering city with Laos. The other day when I talked with her she was in her duty as midwife. She has one more year to go. Time flies. Anyway, the time to pay tuition is near too. It will be 26,000 baht for each semester. So for this last year she needs 52000 baht or $1710.00.


The electric company called yesterday. The plan for the new powerline to our house at Still Water is done. He showed me that it took 12 poles to get the powerline there,1312 feet. It will cost 112500 baht. ($3,777). The man said that the power will be in two weeks after we pay. Right now we have $2000.00 in hand. We can used $1000.00 from this month’s building funds, but we also have to install windows and doors with those funds, or  roughly we need $2000.00 for new meter and the detail lights and switches in side all the buildings. I also talked to the man who is in charge of the city water. We made the deal that whenever we ready, he will come and start getting the water to our property. We need to buy about 1,968 feet of pipe to reach our tank.($400.00)

Hope we can move in very soon.


Needs: Electrical $2000.00

            Water        $400. 00

            Miriya      $1710.00 = 855 per semester