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Asian Gospel Outreach                                                                      January  2015
4738 Kniss Rd. SE                                                                             Mike Steere  Editor
Kalkaska, MI, 49646

Dear Papa Mike,

Thanks to the Lord for His abundant grace. We had the blessed year of 2014. Our Thanksgiving service went very well at Still Water. Even though rice harvest was not as good as we expected due to the birds population around Still Water. There was no rice field around us. So let says we fed the birds well this year and left none for us. We had people around Still Water and from Pamaidang joined with us for our Thanksgiving. We had no
turkey but big pig for our thanks giving. Kids sang very beautiful songs and dances. Food was great. Samuel preached very good sermons. We also went to Mokotong village for their thanksgiving. Leah and I had a good time meeting with believers in the mountain Lisu village. The hospitality was very good. The weather was very cold.  We all slept on the floor of one big single room. It was good to be back to basic again after sleeping in our bedroom and now we share room with kids and other.  I preached on Saturday for Thanksgiving and then on Sunday for the main service. There were people from four other villages who got together here.

At last before the turning of the year we had combined Christmas gathering with Three Wheel Joseph Church. We had Christmas gathering there and had New Years Eve service at Still Water.  Three Wheels Joseph was not able to participate in any service.  He got in an automobile accident. His three wheels was torn apart his hip was broken. He is recovering slowly. He is still lying on his bed. For some friends who know him well know that he is cripple from his waist down.  Joseph has not let his disability slow him down for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Northmen ministry donated money to buy brand new motorcycle for him to make Tri-motorcycle some year back. He has used that to go around spread the gospel. He planted two Churches already. He is busy visiting people and teaching the Bible. One day a truck hit his tri-motorcycle from behind. The man was arrested. Joseph with love he did not sue the man and took only $1000.00 for his medical expenses. He told his sons not to ask any more money or cause any trouble for the truck driver. We are Christians we should show God's love.  I preached for the Christmas gathering.

There are people from five villages around Maetang. Still Water kids performed many special songs. For the New Years Eve we had the full night program with Kids singing, dancing, and playing Christmas drama. They were really good at it. They practiced a lot too. Men from Three Wheel Joseph Church came up to set up the tent, butcher the pigs, Benjamin and Paul helped getting people from nearby villages. We men took turn for sharing the Words of God. Xai Xong and his family also joined with us. We also had Hmong family who work with Karen refugee joined with us. We were able to collect over $400.00 to cover the cost of the expenses for the New Years Eve service.  The kids went around singing and blessing at houses of believers and non believers that we know and they gave us gifts. Some gave money and some gave food. We butchered two pigs and fed about four meals. People did not eat much. They spent more time for worshiping and listening to the Words. We are very happy for people who recommit life for the Lord Jesus.

Mai took the midterm test and will start her winter semester soon. Please keep her in your prayers. Her grandma is over 90. She has been weak due to her age. She could not move around. There must be people to stay with her all the time. That has been hard for the family with farm work. This year there is only one person working so this affects the family's income. Ahsama is big help in teaching kids. She also helps older kids prepare trip to villages for spreading the Gospel.  In quiet spirit she is gaining more and more courage to stand in front of people. Public speaking is not her thing. She could hardly go to office or store without Leah. She is now 23 and she felt that she would like to continue to study more for her childcare and nursery education with Naresuan University, in Phisanulok province. Leah and I will miss her.  She plans to enroll this coming March. Patchara is helping her with the registration and she will stay with Patchara.

We are so excited and grateful to God that Charity Weeden from Lake Highland will come to help us in March. She has decided to work with us for two years. She visited us two years ago. She got degree in veterinarian medicine. She has the heart of the Great Master Shepherd Jesus Christ. She worked in mud with Leah and the kids. She was not afraid of snake!!!!  She loves kids and people. She is willing to learn the culture. She understands that the key for missionary is flexibility. She will help us in teaching the kids, teaching teens and women in the villages. We also will travel to Myanmar.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Please pray for Christopher and Mazie for their preparation to return to Thailand.  Pray that God will bless them with support. As for now they are still in Moberly. Please pray for Paul for his ear infection. Doctor said that he needs operation that will cost a fortune for us. $4000.00 is a lot for us. Paul was very disappointed with the plan to go to Central Christian College but he understood his physical condition. He got sick before his test. His infection affects his hearing. The cost for medical treatment is so expensive there.  We are very thankful to you all for your help. Your love and your generosity flood our heart.  We are praying and encouraging Paul for the direction before the school year start. As for now he is taking self studying at home and he will take vocation school class in this month in Chiangmai.

Benjamin is leaving Sola Computer Company and will start his own technology consultant business in Thailand- Myanmar. Please keep him in your prayer for his new step of business and ministry with Christian business men in Myanmar.  He will be working with Ahpu Jeremiah (Lisu Star Group Company) and U Joseph. (Golden Butterfly Company).

We rejoice with Joseph Gwa and the team that went to Naga Hills. They planned to go to 15 villages but could cover only 8 villages. They ended up spending 4 nights in each of 2 big non Christian villages. Nearby Christians leaders came with rice and vegetable to help the team as the team shared the gospel from house to house and then had a big open field preaching, singing, and Christian gospel drama. Two spirit men had committed to study the Words of God and wait for the family to come back so they could hear the Gospel and then get baptized.  There were 42 people baptized in this trip. The Christian in Naga Hills went through much persecution in 1994. Burmese army had taken down Church buildings and beat up preachers. They want people to be animist and Buddhist but not Christians. With the courage of the Remnant, finally God open door.  New officers came and they were not the same. They gave the native people a little freedom. Joseph Gwa and the team was so excited and he said that this was the new beginning of the gospel spreading in Naga Hills. Joseph's wife fell out of the mountain path and got injured so they rush back to Mandalay to have her check up. No bones were broken. They both made it back to Myitkina last night at 9 pm. local time. There will be lots of pictures coming and more stories coming from Joseph Gwa. Pictures will be posted on Asian Gospel Outreach. Org. and Active Christian Training and Service site in Face book.

Events in 2015:

- Feb 17-22. Leadership training with Kuest at Still Water.  There will be leaders from Myamar, Thailand, and China.

- April 13-17, 2015. English Camp with Charity

- July 6-9, 2015. Three days seminar for leaders in Kachin State

- November 20-22, 2015. Northmen meeting in Myanma+China

- December 21-28, 2015 Christmas convention. Arunachao, India. (Preaching and fellowship with brothers and sisters of Lisu, A di, Jakka, Nepali, and Indian. Arunachao is the home of 112 tribes.)

With many events that will take place at Still Water we see the need to move the big old building from Pamaidang to Still Water. It is dry season now and it is suitable to build the building.  We have most of the lumber we need from the old house. We only need to do the foundation and some of the detail work inside, the electrical wiring, and the plumbing. We estimate that for the guest house project. We need a new guest house. We have guests all the time. In 2015 we will have Charity Weeden to come to live with us. We also want to have enough space for guests from the mission field to come for seminar and training. As for now we have five buildings. One for the girls, One for the boys, One for the kitchen, and one for Leah and me, and one for the learning center. This new building will be built right on the side of the hill facing down to the city. Very nice view of the town and the hills on east side and has the play ground on the west side. It has banana plantation below. We hope that Charity will like it and also our future guest. The guest house will have two stories. It has two rooms in the front and big open room stretch out to the hill side for more guests. The ground floor will also have big open room for guests when we have meeting and seminar. The budget for this project is $15,000.00.

The breakdown of the expenses is as follows: 1) Building permit - $200.  2) Labor - $3,500.00.  3) Material for foundation - $3,000.00 4) Window and doors - $2,500.00  5) Gutters - $800.00 6) Plumbing and restrooms - $1,500.00 7) Moving beams for roofing and walls from Pamaidang - $2,000.00 8) Painting - $ 1,500.00. Please keep this project in your prayers.

Leah and I are very thankful to you all for your support and the brothers and sisters in Myanmar and China also send their greetings to you. Brother John Ah Tong and his family from TAdang send your greetings. Brother Timothy and his family from Shalaimo also send you greetings. Brother Able and his family also send you greetings. The Christians in the hidden valley of Hoshichang also send you greetings. The Bible School at Chongkang also sends you greetings. The brothers in Kachin state also send you greetings. The brother and sisters in Naga Hills send you greetings. Jay Ahti and the family of God in Yusina, Yangon also sends you greetings. And finally the family of God at Pamaidang and at Still water send you greetings. May God continue to bless you all with joy, peace, health, and eternal wealth.

In Christ,

Ahtapa and Leah