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Asian Gospel Outreach

Spreading the Gospel in Southeast Asia

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Current needs include the following:

* Please see the page named "How you can send support" for information about how send support.

Personal Needs

Child sponsorships, $35 per month - Some children are orphans, some have one parent and some have two, but most all do not have parents who can pay the cost of feeding, clothing, and education

College tuition for Mai, Mai is attending Rajapat University studying English and Business Management.  Her goal is to work as an administrative assistant to Ahtapa in Asian Gospel Outreach.  This ministry has grown over the years and Ahtapa needs help organizing relief projects, educational events, and communications with the numerous evangelists who work together in Thailand, Myanmar, China, and beyond.  Mai's tuition is about $3,000 US per year which funds three semesters.

Special need:  Brother Lale is an evangelist in the hills of Kachin State in Northern Myanmar.  He called Ahtapa and told him that he has been sick with an infection in his intestines. He has lost a lot weight and could not farm this whole year. He went to the hospital in Tenchong, China and then to Mandalay in Myanmar, but his sickness was not cured. He has suffered very much.


When he heard that Ahtapa was coming to Myikina, the capital city of Kachin State, he traveled about one hundred miles on a narrow road to come to meet him. He asked for kindness to help him to go to the major hospital in Paosan, China where his sickness can be treated. This is the best hospital for this sickness. The cost is so high, it will cost about $3000.00 US. There is no way that he can come up with that kind money. He has nine children. They live on corn and wild game meat, but this year he could not farm. It is very difficult for the family and for him.  Please pray for him and help financially if you can.

School Needs

Ahtapa and Leah operate a home school based on A.C.E. School of Tomorrow curriculum. They have A.C.E. certified staff but have ongoing needs for curriculum, books, computers, etc. 


Current needs:  dictionaries (these are a specific type best purchased in Thailand), computers

Physical Needs

Building supplies to help develop the new property