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Dear PaPa Mike,                                                                        October 2015


Praise to the Lord of Most High who is pouring down His blessings on us.  We know the world is coming to an end one day and it shows how hard it is to live in this world, but we do not put our hope in this world.  Our hope is our living Lord and Savior who is watching and guiding us in our life on earth.  Disaster and wars are happening in many places but we are on the winning side.


We praise God for the baptism of a Burmese brother, a flood victim from Kawlin Mio. Kawlin Mio is more like a district in Sagaing Division of Myanmar.  According to the news the whole area was under water for 15 days and then left every rice field destroyed.  Rice in the barns got flooded and sprouted out.  Livestock died, people got killed and many people got sick after the flood. In the midst of the trouble, Lisu Christians from Kachin State who were also faced with heavy rain and the long civil war going on for the past several years decided to go down and help the people who were in worst flood of the decade.


The brothers collected funds and supplies and went down to help.  Roads were cut off and bridges were washed away but that did not stop them from going down.  They brought rice, dry food and clothes with them for the people.  The needs were more than what they could meet.  There were over 75 villages in the area.  But they helped what they could.  They met with people in the Buddhist temple where many people could come.  They shared the good news of Jesus Christ with the people.  People were very friendly to them and listened to the message with good attention.  Our team told them that they did not have much too give but they gave what they had.  Burmese people told them that even they did not have anything to give their visit meant so very much to them and they wanted them to come back and share again.  So they went back again with the supplies that we could collect locally and from the neighboring country and donations from churches and friends in the USA. Brothers Gwa, Simon, Philip and six others went together on the second trip. They spent about five days witnessing as to the Lord Jesus Christ.  After five days they went home.   Two days later there was a man who followed them up to Myitkina.  He wanted to hear more about Jesus so they taught him more.  He said that he wanted to be a Christian and he wanted to be baptized.  They baptized him in the river Yelawaddee.  He went home the day after that and when he got home he sent a message to Joseph Gwa that more people wanted to hear the Gospel.  Brother Simon and Joseph went down again and came back with great excitement. They have not seen people who were thrilled with the Gospel like them. The spiritual food of Christ's saving message is covering the area.  Brother Simon was on fire.  He preached with his broken Burmese but that did not stop people from coming to hear him.  They asked for more.


He said that there were people who kept saying Christianity is another good religion like Buddhism.  He told them that believing on Jesus Christ and obeying is not just another good religion.  It is God the creator that comes and saves his creatures, men and women, who went astray from him.  He is not coming to offer another way but He is the only way for humans to go back to God and have eternal relationship with Him.  Jesus promises a new life and the new Spirit with a new hope.  Joseph Gwa and Simon will go back there again.  They said that the Burmese people there were like the Berean people in the book of Acts in their hunger to hear teaching about God.  They kept asking him to teach very late at night.  They don't want our people to leave.  They want to hear more.  We are planning to go from Thailand to join the team and hope to have a Northmen gathering in Myitkina and then go down to Kawlin Meo to proclaim the Gospel.  Please pray that God will provide the funds for the gathering and for the trip to Kawlin.


The September trip to Thanai refugees went very well.  People live under plastic tent roofs.  That makes it hard for people to live under it.  Many people got sick.  The elders asked us to buy medicine besides rice.  So in this month Joseph brought rice, salt, clothes and medicine for the refugees there.  He and the team conducted the five days Bible School there for leaders.  They also baptized six people.  There is no river around so they made a temporary baptistery from plastic.  Praise to the Lord for the new brothers and sisters in Christ.  Please pray that these refugees will have tin roofs.  Please pray also that we will have the funds to buy land so those who do who have a house will have land and those needing houses will have a place to build for their families.  Living tight has now made the sickness spread easily.  The Christian leaders have high hope that this camp will become a strong missionary sending church. This refugee camp will not stray to be a camp but it will become a living Christian community that grows to their full potential to carry out the great commission.  Every time that Joseph goes in he will go with preachers that will teach the Bible.  They are planning to have the big gathering in October there.  Please pray that God will provide the funds they need and also bless their spiritual growth.  Pray also that God will strengthen them as the conflict and clash go on in Kachin State. Pray that the Christian leaders will have wisdom to lead and oversee the flocks of the Lord.


Pray for our children.  Many children are sick as the weather is changing.  It has been extremely hot, trees and banana leaves go dry early this year.  The children here at Still Water, House of Hope in Myitkina and Children House of Hope in the Golden Triangle need  your prayers as they all are preparing for midterm exams.  Pray that they will grow strong physically and spiritually and find favor before God and before men.  Leah and I are very happy to put our lives in the ministry of hope for the new generation that will grow up in the Lord. We are seeing the promised leaders of the future.


We prayed for Sam and Hanna as they went off for China.  They will be gone for one month,  They also took our donation for the victims of the flood and earthquake Huaping country. It is the home of 56,000 Lisu people.  No Christians in the country but we have a Christian evangelist in a nearby country who know the area and with Ahtapa's connections with the locals who made contact with Ahtapa.  The Christian evangelist has gone into the area and helped the people there.  Homes and farms were destroyed and many people were killed.  In this sad story the Lord opened an opportunity to bring good news to fifty-six thousand Lisu animists who have not heard the gospel.  Christians in Jujiang, Weixi, and other places in China are talking and planning to go minister to these people.  I am happy to encourage and give advice to people from my house with the technology that God provides.


In Christ,


Ahtapa and Leah Sinlee



(This letter was sent by e-mail from Thailand September 30.  What a challenge for the future work in Asia.  People in desperate need, people seeking to know more about Jesus.)


The two letters below are from Bro. Joseph Gwa, an evangelist in northern Burma, to Ahtapa concerning the work being done through Ahtapa in helping the Lisu people (and any others)  in recovering for disaster situations.  It pictures the great physical needs they face and the deep spiritual searching they are experiencing in the spreading of the gospel to a new area.  Athapa estimates some 50,000+ people are a white field to be sown and reaped as these people have heard for the first time about Jesus and Father Creator.


"Because of the calling from Kawlin Mio; four of us took the trip to Kawlin Mio.  But when we got there the brother that called was not home.  We waited for him for one night but he did not return so I left to come back and left Simon and the brothers there.  Brother Simon and brother Phillip stay to meet the brother that called us and other people.  They share the gospel with them. They want to hear more and they would like to be Christian but there was fear of the Monks who may lose power on the people.  Simon and the team will go back there again to teach and to encourage them."


"Brother, the most needed things for the brothers and sisters in Thanai.  1. Place to live. As I saw with my own eyes the people needed place to live.  There was a piece of land near the camp it has 8 acres. The price is $13,888.  It is 1736 per acre.  Please pray that we will get the land before the price goes up.   2. It is very hot here especially under the plastic roof.  People got sick and some died from heat stroke.  Please pray that we will have funds for the roof.  Tin roof is much better. Thanks to all who are providing funds.


We presently are working with Ahtapa to provide food for these people who have put been in a disastrous situation by the war in northern Burma. The funds being used are a grant from International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) in Noblesville. IN.  Now with the new group seeking help and the teaching of the Gospel more funds will be applied for.  All gifts sent through Ahtapa's ministry will be fully receipted and accounted for to the donor.


At the present time rice is being sent to the refugee camp in Burma we will be providing rice as long as the funds last (about six months).  Other needs are stated above in the notes for Joseph.  We praise God for the work of IDES.  Tremendous projects are being carried out through this Godly program.  In this program funds from all over go to all kinds of disaster needs around the world.  Every penny sent to IDES to provide such funds goes directly to the need at hand.   If you would like to learn more use    Any questions you have about what is happening in Northern Burma and now in Haput can be directed to me at the e-mail or phone number above.