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Asian Gospel Outreach                                July, 2015


(Written partially by Ahtapa and partially by Mike Steere, Ahtapa's forwarding agent)


Since being in America Ahtapa has made a trip to Kachin State.

My trip to Myanmar went very well.  Leah already had the tickets for me and Charity before I got home.  We flew from Chiangmai to Yangoon.  Yaboto a former cook who used to be the head chef at the Duke restaurant came to pick us up at Yangoon airport. The hotel rooms were booked for us at the Golden Butterfly hotel.  We were so blessed that food and hotel going and coming between the airport was free.  We got the direct flight from Yangoon to Myitkina. It was over two hours flight.  Our flight was a little delayed due to some bad weather. It rained very hard.  Joseph Gwa and his son were waiting for us at Myitkina airport.  We went straight from the airport to the immigration office in order to get the permit to go to Thanai where the refugees live.  We were fold to go to the main head quarters to get the permit from the State governor himself.  While we were there with the officer a phone call came in saying the road from Myitkina and Thani was closed down due to the fighting. It was too dangerous to allow American citizens to travel on the road. There were six Germans attempting to get a permit and they too were turned down.

The leaders of the Thanai Christian  group came to meet us at Joseph’s house.  We spent time praying together for God to grant help.  The needs are urgent.  Roof and rice should be first.  They can pack the shelters until they have the land to build more shelter.  But they need have food and roof over their heads .  Salt is also important.  Vegetables can be found in this area.  Medicine is also needed.  Fame may be able to help with this.  They came to give us their update and inform us of their continuing difficulty.   (There is a listing elsewhere of the needs we are seeking a grant from IDES for.)


Our time in Myitkina and Shan State was very useful.  Charity (Weeden) worked with the kids while I worked with the leaders.  I preached at shi Ze church of Christ. I met with the evangelist who reaches out to Burmese Buddhist and to the drug addicts.  We discussed the Northmen meeting in Kachin in October.  In Shan state we met with evangelist Barak who is reaching out to the Shan Buddhists in the flat land and Lisu animists on the mountain.  Most of the Lisu people there are opium growers.  They  seldom come to town .They are very poor.  The children seem almost hopeless.  Most children grow to become drug addicts or prostitutes.  Very sad, but we rejoice in the gospel going out to them. There are people who accepted the Lord and brother Barak has helped some of them by providing education to the young people and providing a new way of farming.  They are growing corn.  We also visited some inland dislocated people in the area and help them.  It was an eye opening trip for us in Northern Shan state.  The Christian men here are talking of coming to the October Northmen if it becomes a reality.


Desperate needs:

Rice for 210 + families in the refugee group in Thanai.  Food needed for at least seven months to provide until a growing season is finished.  Salt is also needed.

Tin sheets for roofing.  Right now there is no shelter from the rain or the sun.  These would eventually be used for building houses.

Medicines for dysentery, cough and lung problems and general lack of nutrition.  We will be checking with FAME on this .


General News:


When Atapa left America for home we were praying that Ahtapa's father would live until he arrived home.  He just turned 82 years old and is recovering from TB.

Paul is set to go to college in Thailand.  His orientation date is July 10-17.  His dorm is outside of the university.  Leah went with him to hunt for the room. Leah was told that youth dorm around the university was high with drugs spreading everywhere. The dorm he will be in does not allow drinking, smoking and partying in general. Paul will have the opportunity to meet those who work in international business and ministries.

The new (drilled) well is working.  It provides water for the kitchen and the older dug well is providing water animals and general water needs.  


Piglets are being sold and this helps when money gets short at the end of the month.  Income for the previous months has seen a drop and more funds are needed.

Some of the older girls continue to be a big part in the work as they assist Leah with care of the children and kitchen and household chores.    Ahsama, Mai, and Charity (from Texas) all do their part in seeing the work continues. 


Chris & Mazzie remain in Joplin, MO.  They are praying and seeking an area of service.  As previously announced they will not be going to Thailand in the immediate future.    

Ahtapa was here in the states for a short period.  Bro. Paul Grim, who Ahtapa considered a foster father went home to glory.  Several gifts were received in memory of Bro.. Paul.  These  totaled about $2000.   Our special thanks to those who shared in this manner.  Bro. Paul had long been connected to the work Ahtapa and other native evangelists were doing.  He had spent much time in Thailand and other Asian countries.

Ahtapa’s air ticket to come to America was about $2200.  Several special gifts were received to help with that.   We praise the Father who used many of you to help with this expense.  Almost the total cost has been met.  We thank all who shared in this matter.

If you are wondering about a schedule - all is done on the run.  Ahtapa no more arrived home and he left again to make the trip to Northern Myanmar that is talked about above.  Where next?  Only the Creator knows.  He is helping tend Grandfather I am sure but if the call comes he will be on the road doing what needs to be done to reach out with the Gospel in Asia.  

A brave servant lady who loves her Lord.

Esther Ahnyi is an orphan.  She was born in November, 1969 in Plana village Kachin State, Myanmar.  Her mother died when she was 3.  She grew up with her father but when she was in the fifth grade he passed away and left her with her brothers.  She dropped out of school after the 8th grade. She cut and sold fire wood with her older sister. She has five siblings,  three older brothers and one older sister.  Esther Ahnyi stays single still today.  She is on fire for the Lord.  She went to Bible school at Legodi village in Myitkina.  She started in 1988 and graduated in 1991.  She served the Lord as a Sunday school teacher in a local church and she would go out to mountain villages with the elder evangelists so she could teach, sing and help the children and ladies.  She is very gifted in teaching and singing.  She grew up in the Lord and in God's service.   She became a women's leader in Myitkina.  She served well for many years.  Finally she felt the call to go spread the gospel in China and teach women and children there.  God blessed her ministry greatly.  Asian Gospel Outreach has helped support her mission in China.  First she teaches Christian women how to live and serve the Lord.  Secondly she teaches one and two week Bible schools in the villages.  On one of her trips she had a motorcycle accident.  She was injured and needs our prayers.  After returning to Myitkina for a short time and is now back in China laboring there again.  She is our dear sister in Christ who loves the Lord and loves His children.