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House of Hope and Naga Hills Evangelistic Trip

Many good things are happening with our House of Hope ministry in Myitkina.

The kids are learning and growing. They are growing in spiritually as Joseph Gwa and his wife giving them good Bible teaching. Plus they have good team to take care of the needs of the kids.  They painted the new building. All the kids got new copy of the Bible in Burmese and got new warm clothes for this coming winter.

For this coming Christmas break. Joseph is forming a team of 8 people to go to Naga Hills for evangelistic trip. Joseph is the leader and the teacher. His wife is a cook. Thadeus is a preacher and his wife is a cook and women teacher. Young man Nolisa is a musician; teaching songs and leading the singing. A young man Ahyou is a singer; teaching songs and leading the singing. Young girl Ahnyi Mary is a nurse. She will serve the lord through providing medication to the people in Naga Hills and also take care of the team in case some one gets sick. Young girl Ahna Sarena is a sunday school teacher. She will be reaching out to kids.

The purpose of this trip. 1. To reach out to non Christian Naga ( animists) with the Good news of Jesus Christ. 2. Using music and singing to bring the young Naga boys and girls to the Lord. 3. To reach out to the sick Naga people with medicine. 4. To reach out to the children of Naga hill that Jesus opens His arms to accept them. 5. Bring the Bible to them. 6. Giving out Gospel pamphlets to every village in the region. The team will focus on evangelizing the non Christian but they will also encourage and bring revival for the believers as time allows.

1. traveling cost. Train ride, boat ride, and taxi and other supplies for one month for 8 people. 
2. Medicine for the ministry.                                           $350
3. cost for hauling 800 copies of the Bible.( 40 boxes)  $220

Please pray that God will provide the funds that need for the trip. 

Traveling distance from Mandalay to Khamti and onward to Naga hills:

1.One day and one night train ride from Myitkyina to Mandalay.
2.One day ride on truck from Mandalay to Mowyow.
3. One day and one night Boat ride from Mowyow to Kalay.
4.One day and one night boat ride from  kalay myo to  Mowlight.
5. One day and one night boat ride from MowLight to Homalee.
6. One day and one night boat ride from Homalee to Thamadi.
7. One day and one night boat ride from Thamadi to Khamti.
8. There are two ways to go from Khamti to laeHae (Naga hills) 12 hours ride on truck if it is avalable or five days walk on foot.

Please pray that we will reach many souls with Jesus Christ's saving message.

Joseph Gwa
Translated and sent by Ahtapa

If you would like to help make this trip possible, Checks may be made payable to: The Church of Christ at Spencer.  Please add a note if your gift is designated for a special purpose.  Send your gift to:



4738 Kniss Rd. SE

Kalkaska, MI 49646

Attn: Ahtapa